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    1. Cyclonic Jet Mill

      Zhengyuan LHC series cyclonic jet mills are suitable for crashing materials with wide range of size and the max. size can be 5mm.

    1. Cyclonic Jet Mill and Classifier

      Suitable for crashing materials with wide range of size and the max. size can be 5mm.

    1. Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

      Fluidized bed jet mills with a production capacity from 5 to 3,000kg/h are all available.

    1. HE Fine Grinding Jet Mill

      HE Fine Grinding Jet Mill uses the airflow pulverization technology developed by our company.

    1. HS Steam Jet Mill

      The HS Steam Jet Mill uses superheated steam as the medium and supersonic nozzles to accelerate the steam into ...

    1. Superfine Ball Mill Production Line

      Soft materials: calcite, marble, limestone, kaoline, gesso, barite, coal ash and slag, etc.

    1. Wet Ultrafine Grinding Machine

      LHE wet ultrafine grinding machine is the newly-developed grinding equipment of our company.

    1. Superfine Impact Mill

      Our superfine impact mills, which are primarily used for particle shaping, calcined material scattering, etc.

    1. Roller Mill

      This impact mill is suitable for grinding materials with wide range of size: 325mesh-2,500mesh are all possible.

    1. Vortex Mill

      High wear-resistance wearing parts (blades, lining, etc.) guaranteed pollution-free material grinding.

    1. Plastic Pulverizer

      This impact mill is extensively used in fields like powder spraying, plastic extrusion, etc.

    1. Wood Flour Mill

      Our wood flour mills are primarily used for superfine grinding of fiber texture material and sawdust, etc.

    1. LHQ Classifying Micronizer

      The material is smashed through severe friction, shearing and extrusion of high-speed rotor.

    1. LHN Pin Mill

      LHN pin mill delivers the materials from top feeding device to the crushing chamber of main engine.

    1. LHI Vertical Impact Mill

      Firstly, the LHI verticle impact mill feeds the materials from feeding device to the crushing chamber the materials from feeding device to the crushing chamber.

    1. LHX Air Swept Mill

      Product fineness and production capacity can be controlled by vertically adjusting gap size between rotor and stator without dismantling the air swept mill.

    1. LHO Hammer Mill

      After the feeding and screening process, the milled materials can be collected by the collection system.

    1. SH Industrial Shredder

      Equipped with powerful two-speed swing type hydraulic pusher, which avoids the occurrence of jamming and reduces the wear of the inner rail.

    1. Self-diffluent Classifier

      Spec Data: LHB-E
      Handling capacity (t/h): 0.05~0.25

    1. Multi-Stage Classifier

      LHP multi-stage classifier, which is a closed-loop system composed of several LHB self-diffluent classifiers.

    1. LHU Contraflow Classifier

      LHU contraflow classifier featured with strong dispersibility is perfect for viscous material, materials of worse fluidity and so on.

    1. Whirlwind Air Classifier

      The coarse powder will drop down to the conical part and discharged. In the meantime, the fine powder is separated by the fan impeller.

    1. LHB Centrifugal Air Classifier

      LHB Centrifugal Air Classifier is independently developed and produced by our company.

    1. Coating Machine

      In some occasions, this kind of powder surface modification machine also functions as a disaggregating machine.

    1. LHS Conical Mixer

      Along with the development of technology, new materials have been widely used.

    1. High speed Mixer

      The clearance between the rotor and inner wall is so small that the material can not squeeze into it and stick on the equipment.

    1. Lab Mini Mill

      Lab mini mill, a kind of laboratory grinding equipment, is regularly used for grinding small quantity materials.

    1. Laboratorial Superfine Impact Mill

      This laboratory grinding equipment is especially suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries with GMP standard.

    1. Laboratory Cyclonic Jet Mill

      This grinding machine also has disaggregation and shaping functions for materials.

    1. Lab Air Classifier LHB

      The lab air classifier is able to complete both classifying and collection functions, and the machine body is made using stainless steel.

    1. LHL Lab Jet Mill

      The grinding equipment also comes with powder-disaggregating and particle-shaping functions.

    1. LHV Graded Depolymerization and Dispersing Machine

      LHV powder grinding and classification machine is independently developed by our company.

    1. Powder Disaggregate Mill

      Low energy consumption: because our grinder mill adopted innovative powder disaggregation technology.

    1. LHZ Vertical Finishing Machine

      LHZ Vertical Finishing Machine is the preferred shaping equipment for the battery anode material industry.

    1. LHZ Horizontal Finishing Machine

      LHZ Horizontal Finishing Machine is mainly used for shaping the surface of artificial graphite, natural graphite and other materials.

    1. Rotary Permanent Magnetic Separator

      This magnetic separator is suitable for processing various bulk materials and will not blocked for its compact structure.

    1. Grated Permanent Magnetic Separator

      Zhengyuan provided grated iron separators can be matched-use with belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, and electromagnetic vibrating feeders, etc.

    1. Powder Processing

      High hardness material powder processing: including grinding for silicon carbide, zirconia, boron carbide, alumina, etc.

    1. 400 Automatic Packing Machine

      The 400 automatic packing machine delivers high efficiency in packaging the solid powder.

    1. Star-shaped Unloader

      Equipped with pressure-balanced device, it can working in both negative pressure and positive pressure conditions.

    1. Pulse Bag-type Collector

      We can choose different filter bags for different requirements.

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