SH Industrial Shredder

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SH Industrial Shredder

1. Equipped with powerful two-speed swing type hydraulic pusher, which avoids the occurrence of jamming and reduces the wear of the inner rail.
2. The single-shaft shredder is driven by a low-speed and high-torque reducer.
3. This shredder has a smaller footprint than the conventional shredder with horizontal pusher.
4. The bolted drive shaft makes replacement easier.
5. Rotors available in a variety of models and materials.

It can meet the requirements of waste crushing and recycling in various industries, including general waste recycling, electronic waste recycling and domestic garbage recycling, such as: various plastic products (blocks, tubes, films, woven bags, etc.), as well as various types of electronic cable waste, ICB barrels, waste paper, waste wood and various organic materials.

Technical Parameters
Model SH-80 SH-90 SH-120 SH-150 SH-200
Rotor width/rotor diameter (mm) 850/387 850/457 1200/457 1500/457 2000/457
Power (kw) 37 55 55 75 2 ×55
Blade quantity (pcs) 40/60 40/60 54/81 68/102 96/144
Working area (mm) 690×730 800×730 800×1010 800×1290 800×1850
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