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Working Principle:
The whirlwind air classifier of LHB-C series for coarse powder is innovatively designed. It is composed of classifier, housing, air dispersing cone, air circulating unit, and fineness control device. The raw material is delivered to the air separator and then raised by airflow. The coarse powder will drop down to the conical part and discharged. In the meantime, the fine powder is separated by the fan impeller.

1. Our whirlwind air classifier is produced with first class quality and stable performance. Adjustment from the external of the air separation system is also supported.
2. Consuming less energy, this industrial equipment offers large handling capacity.
3. Apart from easy cleaning, the powder handling equipment requires less maintenance, reducing the production cost for the users, accordingly.
4. The whirlwind air classifier is capable of saving investment cost for our client because it requires no auxiliary equipment, such as cyclones, dust collector, air lock, or fan.
5. The ceramic liner with outstanding abrasion resistance and the inexpensive replaceable steel liner enable the processing of abrasive materials.

The whirlwind air classifier is extensively used for processing limestone, gypsum, bentonite, quartz, cement, coal powder, clay, fly ash, kaolin, feldspar, slag, barite, and other abrasive materials.

Technical Parameters
Model LHB-C5 LHB-C10 LHB-C15 LHB-C20 LHB-C25 LHB-C30 LHB-C35 LHB-C40
Handing capacity(t/h) 1 3 8 14 25 40 56 77
Fineness(μm) 38-150 38-150 38-150 38-150 38-150 38-150 38-150 38-150
Efficiency (η=%) 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Power (kW) 3.5-5.5 5.5-7.5 7.5-11 11-18.5 15-22 22-30 30-37 37-55

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