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Applications of Zhengyuan Powder Processing Equipment

Zhengyuan, a grinding mill and related powder processing equipment manufacturer in China, can provide wide range of products: jet mills, impact mills, ball mills and laboratory grinding equipment, etc.
Our grinding mills are extensively used in industries like non metallic mining, chemical material manufacturing and developing, new material developing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and developing, battery manufacturing, superhard material and metal powder processing and manufacturing, porcelain building material as well as many other material manufacturing and developing.

Specifically, our grinding mills, classifiers, rotary feeders and dust collectors can be used in the following industries for listed material processing:
1. Non metallic mining industry: quartz, kaolin, clay, coal powder, graphite, barite, bentonite, andalusite, and brucite, just to name a few.
2. Chemical material manufacturing and developing industry: precipitated barium sulfate, calcium phosphate, Yttria, PVC, PE, carbon black, rubber, plastic additive and fibre, etc.
3. New material researching and developing as well as manufacturing industries: nano-titania, nano-ceramic materials, nano-tourmaline, nanometer calcium carbonate and ultra-fine wood flour, etc.
4. Medicine and food manufacturing and developing:
Traditional Chinese medicine like angelica, green tea, salvia and lucidum;
Western medicine like urotropine, ibuprofen, theophylline and VC, etc.
Agrochemicals like herbicide, fungicide and insecticide, etc.
Food stuff like biscuits, beans, cocoa powder, salt and fruit powder, etc.
5. Materials for battery manufacturing: lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, manganese dioxide, etc.
6. Superhard material developing and manufacturing industry: Boron carbide, diamond, white corundum, zircon sand and zirconia, etc.
7. Metal powder includes aluminium powder, zinc powder, iron powder, tin powder, and stainless steel powder, just to name a few.
8. Porcelain building material manufacturing and developing: superfine cement, granulated slag, fly ash, gypsum and quicklime, etc.
9. More industries like paint and pigment manufacturing, textile industry, etc.