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The 400 automatic packing machine delivers high efficiency in packaging the solid powder. It is able to evacuate the gas when packaging the gas- and solid-phase micro/nano powder and reduce the packaging volume. The minimum bulk density can be p=0.1g/cm3–0.3g/cm3. Our packing machine is designed to be dust-free, low-noise and free of overfilling. It significantly reduces the power consumption. With an imported electro weigh system which features computer controlling and one-button starting, it is capable of automatic weighting, automatic dropping of material and automatic stopping. This advantage greatly helps reduce the number of operators.

Silicate dioxide (white carbon black, superfine white carbon black, gas-phase white carbon black), nano light calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, coating light calcium carbonate, active heavy calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate, coal calcined kaolin, washed kaolin, coating washed kaolin, talc powder, pyrophyllite, bauxite, calcium stearate, coarse graphite, fine graphite, anthraquinone, carbon black, calcium hydrogen phosphate, nano zinc oxide, magnesium hydroxide, iron-red dye powder, dyes, diatomite, nano titanium dioxide, wollastonite powder, etc.

Model 400 Power 5.5kW
Packing weight 5-50kg Compressor 0.8MPA, 300NL/MIN
Packing speed 2-4 bag/min Dust absorption source 4kpa 700NL/MIN
Particle size 100-2500 mesh Shifting method Pulley type/ transducer
Measuring accuracy ±100-±50g Valve port bag Φ60-100mm
Measurement method Electronic measurement and net weight payload Weight 650-700kg
Discharge valve Self-provide Overall dimension 1580×870×1970mm(L×W×H)

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