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1. This drum blender has a special structure design in which the bearing won't contact with feeding materials directly. Thus, the lubricating of bearings won't cause to feeding materials.
2. With CMP design style, this mixing equipment features high quality surface treatment and no dead angle in the chamber. Thus, the mixing material can be completely discharged.
3. Our drum blender is easy to be installed, dismantled and cleaned.
4. The clearance between the rotor and inner wall is so small that the material can not squeeze into it and stick on the equipment.
5. Specially designed rotor blade can strengthen the flow of material, which offers the blending machine unique and high intensity performance.
6. The mixing machine comes with a standardized drive box which can ensure a stable operation, prolong operation time and reduce operation cost.
7. The equipment supports vacuum operation. After material feeding, the liquid solvent can be added into the blending chamber before vacuum pumping.
8. The overall blending chamber is protected by long protective cover. Thus, the temperature can be precisely controlled.
9. In terms of blending materials with high viscosity, this blender has superior performance.

Our LHH drum blender is the newest industrial mixer developed by our company, absorbing advanced foreign technology. Based on effective mixing performance, it has found a wide range of application in blending slurry, liquid and powder. In such blending process, it features different functions such as intensive mixing, balling, dispersing, crushing, drying, prilling, cladding, etc. In addition, the mixing machine can also be used in mixing anode and cathode materials of lithium battery.

Working Principle
The LHH drum blender comes with a conical mixing chamber with a built-in multi-blade rotor. The rotor’s rotation speed is adjustable by variable frequency system. The rotation of rotor will generate centrifugal force which can push materials toward the wall of the mixing chamber. According to the special design of the rotor blade, the materials close to the wall move upward while the central materials move down. Thereby, the force generated by friction, grind and extrusion among materials will lead to fast dispersion and mix of material particles.

High speed Mixer
Technical Parameters
Model Capacity (L) Max. feed capacity(L) Max. feed weight(KG) Mixing time(min) Rotate speed (r/m) Overall dimensions (mm) Power(KW)
LHH-5 5 3 5 5 - 30 830 890 × 430 × 860 2.2
LHH-50 50 40 68 5 - 30 550 1500 × 650 ×1200 7.5
LHH-100 100 90 153 5 - 30 390 2000 × 800 ×2180 15
LHH-200 200 180 306 5 - 30 320 2500 ×1000×2660 30
LHH-500 500 450 765 5 - 30 250 2995 ×1430×3030 55
LHH-1000 1000 950 1615 5 - 30 180 3100 ×1800×1000 75

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